Height Safety Systems Installation & Certification

We install many different types of safety systems, each with their own merits. By discussing your particular requirements with one of our experienced height safety experts, we can advise on the best type of protection for your personnel.

Certain types of height safety systems are proof loaded after installation, using the latest hydraulic testing equipment. All height safety systems and associated signage certified by us comply with Australian standards.

Single Point Anchors

In many instances installing Single Anchor Point or Points may be all that is required for working safely at height. Unlike many others in the industry, all Anchor points that require load testing, will be LOAD TESTED. This ensures a solid, quality Anchor to ensure you absolute safety.

Horizontal Height Safety Systems

Permanently fixed horizontal wire rope or rails can be used with greater ease and are a User-friendly solution for many height safety applications from roofs to internal walkways.

Vertical Height Safety Systems

Vertical Height Safety System designed and made for ascending and descending permanent ladders are ideal for the most dangerous tasks performed at height.

Height Safety System Re-Certification

We install and perform annual recertification for height safety systems in use. All proof loading is carried out using the latest hydraulic testing equipment, and systems and associated signage certified by us complies with Australian standards.

PPE Inspection Services

We offer a formal inspection service of all Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Rope access safety solutions work evenings, weekends, holidays and business shutdown time in order to prevent unnecessary disruption to your organization.

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